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MY LEAP is an acronym that stands for:
Meditate | Your Story | Listen | Evaluate | Act | Pray
The MYLEAP Guide is a system developed to internalize and absorb biblical principles in a private or group setting.  It can supplement any Christian book, group study, or sermon. MYLEAP is integrated with all our Bible studies and Guidebooks to saturate our hearts and renew our mind.    
Our Bible studies are short video messages designed to edify and apply biblical principles by using the MYLEAP system.  The primary goal is to guide you or your study group through the process of inner transformation.  The process employs the power of God’s Spirit and your submission to His will.
Note: Before you get started, view the "How It Works" videos
The Guidebook
The Guidebook makes it easier for you to chart, journal and navigate your journey. Order on Amazon

   "I can not put to words the impact these videos made on me. I have never seen anything as perfectly explained and exciting to listen to. "

— Pastor Peter, NJ

   "The MYLEAP process is truly effective at bringing scriptures to life. It helps me meditate on the Word throughout the day."

— Wendy from NY

   "I think the program is great!  I know it is making a difference in my life.  It is simple, brief and powerful."

— Michelle from Virginia

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