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About Us

I don’t know if you feel the same way, but I often find that after reading my Bible or hearing a sermon, the truth that captured my attention can quietly fade into the noise of the day.  Is our lifestyle the root cause or is it the way we communicate with God?

It’s important to know that your level of conversion is not based on the amount of time you spend reading the Word but how much of the Word you have absorbed and applied to your life. 

We created a simple system called ‘MY LEAP’ to learn and apply biblical principles with the help of the Holy Spirit.  MY LEAP is an acronym that means: Meditate, Your Story, Listen, Evaluate, Act, and Pray.  It can be used with any Bible study, whether it’s personal or in a group setting.

“Changing Your Life” is the first of a series of guidebooks and video programs (on YouTube, FB, Twitter) that demonstrates the changing power of God’s Word by using the MYLEAP system.

The purpose of this program is to guide you or your study group through the biblical principles that assure inner transformation.  The process employs the power of God’s Spirit, a disciplined approach to internalizing scripture, and your entire submission to His will.

The “Changing Your Life” study is available in 3-4 minute video messages on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.  This guidebook is the perfect instrument for you to chart, journal and navigate your journey.

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